Civil War Vets | War of 1812

Native American Sailors

African American Sailors monument at Mount Moriah Cemetery
Civil War Vets | Spanish American War | War of 1812

African American Sailors


Edwin Adams

Kathryn Lufkin Alcorn's headstone at Mount Moriah Cemetery in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
World War I | World War II

Kathryn Lufkin Alcorn

Navy Yeoman (F), World War I; Communications Yeoman, World War II
Spanish American War

John Bruce Anderson

Navy Seaman, Spanish-American War
Civil War Vets

David W. Andrews

Army Private, Civil War
Killed in Action | World War I

James Barnes Arnott

Marine Corps Private, World War I, Killed in Action

Robert Arthur

Coal dealer
Newspaper clipping about Captain John Ashmead

John Ashmead

Ship Captain, Revolutionary War; mariner

Jearum Atkins


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