John “Big Nose” Avena

Mob Boss
Killed in Action | World War II

Robert Barclay Averell

Army Private, World War II, Killed in Action
Business | Civil War Vets

John Baizley

State militia musician, Civil War; shipsmith and iron works owner
Civil War Vets | Medal of Honor Recipients

Charles Baker

Navy Quarter Gunner, Civil War Medal of Honor
Featured | Other

William Barber

Chief Engraver, United States Mint
Featured | Other

Nancy Lee “Nezzie” Barlow

Second oldest person buried at Mount Moriah

Daniel C. Barry

City Hall construction foreman

Lewis Dubois Bassett

Ice Cream Maker

Joseph Boggs Beale

Illustrator, sketch artist
Civil War Vets

Joseph W. Benton

Army Corporal, Civil War; printer, shoemaker

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