Col. John William Moore, Civil War Field Officer
Civil War Vets

Col. John William Moore

Civil War Field Officer
Col. William "Buck" McCandless in military uniform
Civil War Vets

Col. William “Buck” McCandless

Soldier and Citizen From Philadelphia
signed portrait of Colonel Thomas Fitzgerald

Colonel Thomas Fitzgerald

Writer & Dramatist
Corp. Thomas J Crozier, an Irish immigrant buried at Mount Moriah Cemetery
Civil War Vets

Corp. Thomas J Crozier

Portrait of Corporal Samuel Daniel Phillippe
Spanish American War

Corporal Samuel Daniel Phillippe

Veteran of the Spanish American War
Edward W. Curry, Spanish American War Veteran
Spanish American War

Edward W. Curry

Spanish American War Veteran
Portrait of actor Edwin Adams holding his hat
Entertainment | Featured

Edwin Adams

Evan Owen Jackson, Jr.
Civil War Vets

Evan Owen Jackson, Jr.

Philadelphia Physician and Union Surgeon at Gettysburg
Francis A. Wilson headstone at Mount Moriah Cemetery in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Civil War Vets | Medal of Honor Recipients

Francis A. Wilson

Medal of Honor Recipient
Civil War Vets

George C. Spear

Civil War Union Army Officer

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