Joseph Boggs Beale

Illustrator, sketch artist
Civil War Vets

Joseph W. Benton

Army Corporal, Civil War; printer, shoemaker
Spanish American War | World War I

John “Jack” Berger

Army Private, Spanish-American War; Navy Chief Machinist’s Mate, World War I
World War I

Nathan Berman

Naval Reserve Force, Ship’s Cook 1st Class, World War I; real estate agent
Albert E. Beyer headstone at Mount Moriah Cemetery in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Medal of Honor Recipients | Spanish American War

Albert Beyer

Navy Chief Master-at-Arms (CMAA), Spanish American War Medal of Honor

David Bickley

Saw factory foreman
Civil War Vets

Edwin Ruthwin Biles

Army Colonel, Civil War
Killed in the Line of Duty

Thompson Black

Police officer
Killed in the Line of Duty

John Blanford

Navy fireman, 2nd Class, Civil War; coppersmith, police officer

Annie Kemp Bowler

Actress and singer

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