Faded black and white image of Augustus Buell

Augustus Buell

Fraudulent Author
Rev. William H. Burrel, the "Marrying Preacher"

William H. Burrell

Pastor; co-founder of Ocean City, New Jersey; the "Marrying Parson"
Robert Risley Carlisle

Richard Risley Carlisle

Circus Performer
Private William Jasper Christian record of death and interment
Civil War Vets

William Jasper Christian

Army Private, "Lost Soldier of the Civil War"
Civil War Vets | Entertainment

Francis “Frank” A. Conly

Army Sergeant, Civil War; professional singer, entertainer
Civil War Vets | Entertainment

George A. Conly

Army Corporal, Civil War; professional opera singer
Featured | Spanish American War

James Alexander Craig

Marine Corps Sergeant, Spanish American War; ordinance man
Corp. Thomas J Crozier, an Irish immigrant buried at Mount Moriah Cemetery
Civil War Vets

Thomas J. Crozier

Army Corporal, Civil War; leather worker
Edward W. Curry, Spanish American War Veteran
Spanish American War

Edward W. Curry

Army private, Spanish American War
William Cusick aka "Micky Duffy"

William Cusick aka “Micky Duffy”


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