Clifford P. MacCalla (1837-1892) – Lawyer and Grand Master of Masons

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Birth: Jun. 11, 1837 Death: Apr. 24, 1892 Plot: Section 6, Lot 36 Son of successful printer and newspaper publisher James Sherron MacCalla and Ruth White Paynter, he graduated from Central High School (1855) then read law in the office of Francis Wharton LLD …Read More

George Wesley Stroby (1877-1934) – A Founder of the Trilby String Band and Mummers Parade


This story was told to me by my Aunt Viola, Georges youngest child. George Wesley Stroby was born on 23 February 1877 to George B. Stroby and Mary Wilson.  His father was a “Segar maker” and was of Swedish descent.  George was the youngest …Read More

John C. B. Standbridge – Composer, Organist, and Organ Builder

J.C.B. Standbridge 1868

Born: 1801 Died: December 15, 1871 Plot: Section 47, Lot 22 John C.B. Standbridge was born in England and emigrated to the United States as a child, settling in Philadelphia. In January of 1828 he married Eleanora Gowing, daughter of John and Mary Gowing. …Read More

Pietro Stea – Victim of the Poison-for-Profit Ring


Birth: Unknown Death: July 1936 Plot: Section 135, Lot 305 In late 1930′s Philadelphia, playing out in neighborhoods across the city, was a murder for hire scheme that would tantalize the city and its residents for almost two and a half years. The bizarre …Read More

Louis LeBlanc

Born:    about 1854 Died:    8 September 1878 Plot: Section 46 Louis LeBlanc was born about 1854 in Santiago de Cuba, Cuba, a sea port on a bay connected to the Caribbean Sea and long considered the second most important city in Cuba. Exactly why and when Louis LeBlanc left Cuba is …Read More

Reverend Thomas Hewlings Stockton (1808-1868)


Born:  June 4, 1808 Died:  October 9, 1868 Plot:  Section 7, Lot 58 Thomas H. Stockton was born in Mt. Holly, NJ, on June 4, 1808. He was the first of six children born to William Smith Stockton and Elizabeth Sophia Hewlings. William Stockton was …Read More

Carolyn Marqueze Halliday Price – Organized the Red Cross in Strathmere, NJ

Caroline Marqueze Halliday (09-01-14-03-08-49)

Birth: August 3, 1873 Death: January 12, 1944 Plot: Section 52, Lot 19 Carolyn Marqueze Halliday Price was born in Philadelphia, PA. She was the daughter of Margaret Cushing Baker Phillippe and James S. Halliday. Carolyn married William Cozens Price on November 19, 1890 …Read More

The Flat Rock Dam Incident


On May 30, 1901, most residents of Philadelphia were probably celebrating Decoration Day – a day set aside to acknowledge, commemorate and honor those who fought and died in the Civil War. Years later, after WWI, it would be renamed Memorial Day. William McKinley was …Read More

William Bockius Schnider – (1817-1867) Grand Tyler (Mason)

W. B. Schnider

Born: March 28, 1817 Died: December 19, 1867 Plot: Circle of Saint John Grand Tyler of the Grand Lodge of Pennsylvania, William Bockius Schnider was born in Philadelphia Pa. and was a bricklayer by trade. According to Dr. Glenys Waldman, Librarian, The Masonic Library …Read More

Rev. William H. Burrell (1822-1909) – The “Marrying Preacher”


Born: about 1822 Died: October 14, 1909 Plot: Section 131, Lot 84 William H. Burrell was born about 1822. Census records indicate that he was born in New Jersey and resided in various locations in Pennsylvania before finally settling in Camden, NJ. He joined …Read More