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Philly cemetery warns dumpers they will be ‘haunted by the interred’

Philly.com recently covered our “No Dumping” signs and the work of the Friends of Mount Moriah Cemetery to restore this historic site. Read the full article at http://www.philly.com/philly/news/pennsylvania/philadelphia/mount-moriah-cemetery-illegal-dumping-gallows-humor-20180115.html

Philly.com – “Researchers identify 718 nameless veterans buried at Mount Moriah Cemetery”

The work of board member Sam Ricks, the Friends of Mount Moriah Cemetery, and student volunteers to identify “unknown” soldiers was featured on Philly.com. Read the article at: http://www.philly.com/philly/news/pennsylvania/researchers-identify-718-nameless-veterans-buried-at-mount-moriah-cemetery-20170618.html

WHYY Friday Arts Feature

The November 4, 2016 Friday Arts program featured Atlas Obscura and Mount Moriah Cemetery in its third segment.

Phillymag.com – “What Happens When a Cemetery Dies”

Mount Moriah Cemetery was featured in Phillymag.com. Read the full article>

“BEOWULF/GRENDEL (Renegade): The difficulty of the walking play”

Phindie also recently covered the Renegade Theater Company’s production of Beowulf being held at Mount Moriah Cemetery through April 24. Read more>

“An epic effort to breathe new life into once abandoned Philly cemetery”

NewsWorks.org recently featured the Renegade Theater Company’s production of Beowulf being held at the cemetery. Read more>

“Keeping Mount Moriah Cemetery, and its memories, alive”

Philly.com recently profiled the cemetery and the work of the Friends of Mount Moriah. Read the full article>

PlanPhilly.com: “Resurrecting Mount Moriah Cemetery’s Gatehouse”

Planphilly.com, a project of WHYY and NewsWorks.org, published an article about the historic gatehouse and the efforts to stabilize the structure. Read more>

NBC10 Video: “Wreaths Decorate Graves of Fallen Soldiers”

NBC10 was on hand during the Wreaths Across America Day at Mount Moriah. Watch the video>