Carolyn Marqueze Halliday Price

Carolyn Marqueze Halliday was born in Philadelphia, the only daughter of Margaret Cushing Baker Phillippe and James S. Halliday but she had three half-siblings from her mother’s first marriage to…

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William Bockius Schnider

Well known among the Masonic lodges of Pennsylvania, William Bockius Schnider was born into a family with a long history of involvement in the most popular of the “secret fraternities.”…

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David Linn

Black and white photo of Sergeant David Linn

David Linn was born in Philadelphia about 1861 but the exact date is not known. He enlisted at Philadelphia and served as a Sergeant in Company C of the US…

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William H. Burrell

Rev. William H. Burrel, the "Marrying Preacher"

William H. Burrell was born about 1822, one of 12 children who were grandchildren of a captain in the American Revolution. Census records indicate that he was born in northern…

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