Mary A. Brady

This four-word epitaph, Volunteer Civil War Nurse, does well on the surface to summarize this person’s great achievement. Before looking closer at her life, two other women of the Antebellum…

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Pieter Haga

Only on a very rare occasion will the neat rows of white marble in the cemetery’s Naval Plot be interrupted by a different type of marker. The massive stone on…

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Thompson Family

In the fall if 2017 a group of Haverford College students completed a project to research a number of the burials in Mausoleum Hill on the Yeadon side of the…

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George Wesley Stroby

The Trilby String Band  was organized in 1898 and the first Mummers Parade was held January 1, 1901. The band’s last appearance was in 2014. A brief history of the…

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Pietro Stea

Workers opening a grave to investigate a poison-for-profit probe

A murder-for-hire scheme played out in neighborhoods across Philadelphia in the late 1930s that intrigued city residents for almost two and a half years. The bizarre story began in October…

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Thomas Hewlings Stockton

Thomas was born in Mt. Holly, New Jersey, the first of six children of William Smith Stockton and Elizabeth Sophia Hewlings. William was an author, editor and publisher. He founded…

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Carolyn Marqueze Halliday Price

Carolyn Marqueze Halliday was born in Philadelphia, the only daughter of Margaret Cushing Baker Phillippe and James S. Halliday but she had three half-siblings from her mother’s first marriage to…

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William Bockius Schnider

Portrait of William Bockius Schnider from the permanent collection of the Library and Museum of the Grand Lodge of Pennsylvania

Grand Tyler of the Grand Lodge of Pennsylvania, William Bockius Schnider was born in Philadelphia Pa. and was a bricklayer by trade. According to Dr. Glenys Waldman, librarian at the…

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The Flat Rock Dam Incident

Newspaper clipping from the NY Times about the Flat Rock Dam Incident

On May 30, 1901, most residents of Philadelphia were probably celebrating Decoration Day – a day set aside to acknowledge, commemorate and honor those who fought and died in the…

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