Richard Risley Carlisle

Robert Risley Carlisle

Richard Risley Carlisle, athlete, gymnast, postmaster and bounty hunter amongst other things was born in the Bass River area of New Jersey. At an early age he became a gymnast…

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John Whitehead – Singer

John Whitehead was born and raised in Philadelphia. He teamed with fellow Philadelphian and high school classmate Gene McFadden to form McFadden and Whitehead. The two became successful record producers,…

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Luigi Germani

Luigi Germani, Circus Performer

Born in Italy in 1820, Luigi Germani became a member of the Royal Italian Circus when he was 18 years old. The horseback rider, performer and juggler came to the…

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Edwin Adams

Portrait of actor Edwin Adams holding his hat

Edwin Adams was born in Medford, Massachusetts in 1834. Although he did not come from a theatrical family, he chose to pursue the dramatic profession at an early age. He…

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John McCullough

Actor John McCullough in costume

John Edward McCullough¬†was born in Coleraine, Ireland. He went to America at the age of sixteen, and made his first appearance on the stage at the Arch Street Theatre, Philadelphia,…

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Robert Heller

Black and white advertisement for Heller's Wonders

Heller was born William Henry Palmer in England, the son of a concert pianist. He was a student at the Royal Academy of Music when he became fascinated with magic.…

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