Arts & Entertainment

Lillie Hinton


William Henry Hodges

Inventor, Manufacturer, Merchant
Business | Civil War Vets

Jacob Nathan Hoeflich

Confederate Army Private, prisoner of war, Civil War; home furnishings/hardware store owner
World War I

George Henry Hoffman

Army Private, World War I POW, Purple Heart recipient; accountant
Clergy | Revolution

Henry Holcombe

Captain, Revolutionary War; pastor
Killed in the Line of Duty

Nathaniel Thomas Holt

Police Officer
Civil War Vets

Andrew John Hood

Army Private, Civil War; oak cooper
Korean War | World War II

William Frederick Hough, Jr.

Army Technician 5th grade, World War II, Air Force Corporal, Korean War
World War I

William Frederick Hough, Sr.

Army Private, World War I

Archibald Alexander Howell, M.D.

Physician, professor

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