Friends of Mount Moriah Cemetery, P.O. Box 5321, Philadelphia, PA 19142

“Stories of Grave Importance”

“Stories of Grave Importance” will be a collection of stories that focus on the lives of some of the residents interred at Mount
Moriah Cemetery. The project is a staged production done as a concerted reading detailing the lives of several of the people buried at the cemetery as well as the history, decline and gradual rebirth of the one hundred and fifty-eight year old burial grounds.

Gigi McGraw is creating this performance about the cemetery and its residents to serve as an entertaining cultural component to support events that take place at the cemetery and eventually as a fundraiser. The piece will highlight some notable figures buried at Mount Moriah, as well as highlight the lives of everyday people who have passed, as told by their friends and family members through interviews, eulogy excerpts, personal letters, news articles, etc.

Theater is where past memories can be honored, while simultaneously celebrating our progress towards the future. It’s also an exploration of our relationship to nature and a reflection of our cultural values. For these reasons, Gigi choose to use this artistic form as the catalyst to initiate change, educate, and enlighten the communities’ about Mt. Moriah.

If you are willing to be interviewed or to share the story of your ancestor buried at Mount Moriah, please contact Gigi directly at

One Comment on ““Stories of Grave Importance”

  1. To be interviewed, you did not have to have know the person interred at MT.M while they were living- you could be a descendant. You can also talk about friends or notable community people.
    I am also looking for history buffs. I can interview via Skype as well as phone interview for those who live out of state or across the sea.