William Reed Hapgood

Black and white photo of William Reed Hapgood

William R. Hapgood was born in Philadelphia to parents Herbert Cecil Hapgood (1876-1945) and Frances G. Anderson Hapgood (1875-1922). They lived at 3414 Hamilton St. in the Powelton Village section…

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John Deasley

John was the son of William and Margaret Gable Deasley and the younger brother of Thomas “Pat” Deasley, a fellow Mt. Moriah Notable.  Both Pat and John were baseball players,…

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George Ewell

A painting of a group of people eating oysters in front of the Chestnut Street Theater

In March of 1871, the National Association of Professional Base Ball Players was established.  Baseball would have its first league made up of professional clubs with an established method of…

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George Snyder

Newspaper clipping reads "Baseball kills bluecoat"

George Snyder was a member of the 1882 Philadelphia Athletics during their first season in the newly formed American Association league. Baseball records show he was a pitcher playing under the guidance…

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Israel Wilson Durham

Israel Wilson Durham headstone israel-durham

Israel W. Durham was born in Philadelphia, the son of Thomas and Jane Norris Durham, both Irish immigrants. The year of his birth has been listed on various documents, including…

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George Dovey

Signed portrait of George Dovey

George was one of at least three sons born to John and Catherine (Cresswell) Dovey. At an early age, George moved to Central City in Muhlenberg County Kentucky with his family.…

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Thomas H. “Pat” Deasley

Drawing of Thomas H. "Pat" Deasley in his baseball uniform

Thomas H. “Pat” Deasley was born in Ireland in 1857 and emigrated to the United States sometime prior to 1880 when he began his baseball career. He made his major…

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John “Jocko” Milligan

John Milligan was born in Philadelphia in 1861 where his family resided on Lombard Street. Shortly after his birth, John’s mother passed away and a brief 8 years later, his…

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William F. (Bill) Greenwood

William F. (Bill) Greenwood playing baseball

Professional baseball player Bill Greenwood was born in Philadelphia in 1857. On September 16, 1882, at age 25, he made his big league debut with the Philadelphia Athletics. The 1882…

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