Martin Fogg

This immigrant from Denmark changed his name from Morten Berg Fogh after he came to America in 1837. His joined his brother Hans and his new bride on the journey,…

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Peter Turner

Not many men have dedicated 48 of their 68 years to active service in the United States Navy, and even fewer have had the naval pedigree that belonged to Peter…

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Charles Wright Geddes

During the Civil War, the South had several major ports but no shipping industry, few dockyards to build ships, few machinists, and few facilities to produce iron. What the South…

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James Martin

James Martin headstone at Mount Moriah Cemetery in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

James was born in County Derry, Ireland but his early years, including his date and place of emigration remain a mystery. He felt called to serve his new country at…

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Charles Frederick Ruff

Col. Charles Frederick Ruff in military uniform

Charles Frederick Ruff was born in Philadelphia, and at the age of 16 he entered the U. S. Military Academy at West Point. He graduated in 1938 in a class…

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Robert Emmet Winslow

Faded black and white photo of Robert Emmet Winslow

Robert Emmet Winslow had a son named Robert Emmet Winslow who gave his son the same name. This story centers on the first Robert who served his country during the…

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