Mount Moriah Cemetery Maps

The cemetery map and section maps provided here were last updated around 1910. Some section numbers/letters have changed over the years and the boundaries are not always exact. Please review our restoration map to see the current status of each section of the cemetery.

Locating Burial Plots

If you need help locating a burial plot, please contact us and include name(s) and death dates in your email.

Section Maps

Click one of the maps below to view the sections of Mount Moriah Cemetery.

Restoration Progress

Each year since 2014-15 we’ve updated a restoration map showing the progress volunteers have made in clearing and maintaining the cemetery.

We initially began working from each entrance toward the middle of either side of the cemetery. Since then, other areas have been opened up by volunteers with family in a particular area or who just picked a spot to ‘adopt’ and work on. We do not open up sections that we cannot maintain with our all-volunteer grounds crew.

Click on the maps to see the Mount Moriah Cemetery restoration progress.

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