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William Henry Hodges

Section: Section 42, Plot 68 Circle of Saint John William Henry Hodges was born In Philadelphia on 10/1/1834. On 7/8/1879 he was issued a patent for the “Hodges Handy Fryer”, a deep fat French fryer with wire basket…. Read More

William J. McCahan (1832-1918) – Entrepreneur Sugar Refiner of Philadelphia

Born: April 1 1832 Died: March 9, 1918 Plot: Section 001, Lot 9 William James McCahan, was born in County Atrim in Northern Ireland to John and Peggy (Taggart) McCaughan.* William was the youngest of seven children. He… Read More

George Ewell – Baseball Player and Oysterman

Born: October 29, 1850 Died: October 20, 1910 Plot: Section 18, Lot 52 In March of 1871, the National Association of Professional Base Ball Players was established.  Baseball would have its first league made up of professional clubs with… Read More

Matthew Semple (1813-1867) – Doctor and Professor

Born: May 21, 1813 Died: May 17, 1867 Plot: Section 18, Lot 30 Matthew was born to Matthew and Hannah Jackson Semple in May of 1813. The senior Matthew came to America in 1798 and for years operated… Read More

Thomas T. Tasker (1799-1892) – Engineer, Industrialist, Inventor, Millionaire, and Pastor

Born: May 12, 1799 Died: January 27, 1892 Plot: Section 130, Lot 1 Thomas T. Tasker, Sr. was born in Yorkshire, England of humble beginnings and grew throughout his life to be a very wealthy man, greatly respected… Read More

Jearum Atkins (1815 – 1897) – Inventor

Birth: August 20, 1815 Death: February 25, 1897 Plot: Section 153, Lot B Jearum Atkins is not a household name like that of Thomas Edison and Henry Ford. However, he was responsible for important, incremental improvements in engineering… Read More

Robert S. Menamin (1833-1887 ) – Publisher

Born: December 2, 1833 Died: April 19, 1887 Plot: Section 42, Lot 61 Robert S. Menamin was born in County Tyrone, Ireland and immigrated to America with his parents when he was 3 years old. His family first… Read More

Samuel Sloan – Architect

Born: March 7, 1815 Died: July 19, 1884 Plot: Section 11, Lot 20 (Moved here from Raleigh, NC and buried February 4, 1885) Samuel Sloan was one of four children born to William and Mary Kirkwood Sloan in… Read More

John Welde – Beer Brewer

Born: about 1839 Died: August 2, 1901 Plot: Section 6, Lot 66 In 1884, John Welde, a German immigrant, established a brewery in Philadelphia on the corner of Broad and Christian Streets. A year later, he formed a… Read More

Colonel Thomas Fitzgerald (1819-1891) – Writer & Dramatist

Born: December 22, 1819 Died: June 26, 1891 Plot: Section 44, Lot 28 Colonel Thomas Fitzgerald was born in New York City. He first worked as a journalist for the New Brunswick Fredeonian. He moved to Philadelphia in… Read More