Friends of Mount Moriah Cemetery, P.O. Box 5321, Philadelphia, PA 19142

Thomas G. Lyons

Seaman, serving on board the U. S. S. Pensacola; in the attack on Forts Jackson and St. Philip, April 24, 1862; was lashed outside of that vessel, on the port-sheet chain, with lead in hand, to lead the… Read More

Francis A. Wilson

Corporal Francis A. Wilson, Company B, 95th Pennsylvania Infantry, at Petersburg, Va., April 2, 1865. Entered service at: Philadelphia Pa. Birth: Philadelphia, Pa. Date of issue: 25 June 1880. Citation: Was among the first to penetrate he enemy’s… Read More

Sylvester Hopkins Martin

Lieutenant Sylvester H. Martin, Company K, 88th Pennsylvania Infantry, at Weldon Railroad, Va., August 19, 1864. Citation: Gallantly made a most dangerous reconnaissance, discovering the position of the enemy and enabling the division to repulse an attack made… Read More

Moses Orr

Private Moses Orr, Company A, 1st U.S. Cavalry, during winter of 1872-73.  Citation: Gallant conduct during campaigns and engagements with Apaches Plot:  Section 1, Lot 41, Philadelphia, PA  GPS  LAT 39.9299 Lon -75.2348

John Galloway

Commissary Sergeant John Galloway, 8th Pennsylvania Cavalry, at Farmville, VA, April 7, 1865. Citation: His regiment being surprised and nearly overwhelmed, he dashed forward under a heavy fire, reached the right of the regiment, where the danger was… Read More

George Norton Galloway

Private George Norton Galloway, Company G, 95th Pennsylvania Infantry,  Alsops Farm, Va., 8 May 1864.  Citation: Voluntarily held an important position under heavy fire.  Date of Medal of Honor citation: October 24, 1895. Plot:  Section 149, Lot 48,… Read More

George Dreary

Sergeant George Deary, Company L, 5th U.S. Cavalry, at Apache Creek, AZ, April 2, 1874, cited for “Gallantry in action.”  Date of Medal of Honor citation: April 12, 1875. Plot:  Section 209, Lot 59, Grave 2, Philadelphia, PA,… Read More

John Williams

Captain of maintop on board of the U. S. S. Pawnee, in the attack upon Mathias Point, June 26, 1861; “gallantry cannot be spoken of in too high-terms; though wounded by a musket ball in the thigh, he… Read More

Alexander Truett

Coxswain on board of the U. S. S. Richmond, Mobile Bay, August 5, 1864; commended for coolness and good conduct in the action in Mobile Bay on the morning and forenoon of August 5, 1864. He was in… Read More

William Thompson

Signal quartermaster on board the U. S. S. Mohican in the action at Hilton Head, November 7, 1861 ;” steered the ship with a steady hand and bold heart under the batteries ; was wounded by a piece… Read More