Title: Mausoleum Hill burials
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Plot Location: Mausoleum Hill

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In fall 2017 a group of Haverford College students completed a project to research a number of the burials in Mausoleum Hill on the Yeadon side of the cemetery. These profiles will be presented in our Notable Burials section.

Anna Clayton Thompson was buried in Mount Moriah on August 11, 1972 following her death at the age of 84. She was born in 1887 in Pennsylvania as Anna F. Clayton. Anna graduated high school but did not attend college. In 1912, when she was 24, Anna married Edmund Anderson Thompson. The couple had three sons together: Robert Clayton Thompson, George Wilson Thompson, and Edmund Anderson Thompson, Jr. The family lived in Delaware County, PA.

Edmund Anderson Thompson was buried in Mount Moriah in 1960 following his death on April 15, 1960 due to a myocardial infarction. He was born in Pennsylvania on April 4, 1887, and both his parents were Irish immigrants. According to his WWI draft card, Edmund was tall, had brown eyes and dark hair, and was of a medium build. Edmund did not serve in the military. Edmund graduated from the Philadelphia Central High School in 1904. He began teaching in Philadelphia public schools in 1906. In 1916, he began pursuing a graduate degree in sociology from the University of Pennsylvania. By 1920, Edmund was a public school supervisor, and by 1930, he was a public school principal. In 1940, Edmund was earning $5000 a year in that role, equivalent to about $88,000 in today’s money.

Robert Clayton Thompson was the eldest of Edmund and Anna’s sons. He was born on December 13, 1917 in Philadelphia. In 1940, at the age of 23, Robert had completed two years of college and was employed part-time at a finance company. According to his 1940 World War II draft registration, Robert had blue eyes and brown hair, was 6 feet tall, and weighed 230 lbs.

George Wilson Thompson was Edmund and Anna’s second son. He was born on January 28, 1920 in Philadelphia. By 1940, at the age of 20, George had graduated high school and was working part-time. From July 20, 1942 to February 22, 1946, George served in the Marine Corps. From July 1, 1943 to December 31, 1944, George was deployed abroad.

Edmund Anderson Thompson, Jr. was Edmund and Anna’s third son. He was born on July 25, 1921 in Springfield, PA. By 1940, Edmund had graduated high school, and he later became a dentist. According to his 1942 World War II draft card, Edmund had blue eyes and brown hair, was six feet tall, and weighed 180 lbs. He served in the US Navy during World War II for three years, from July 1, 1943 to December 30, 1946. From February 14, 1946 to April 28, 1946, Edmund was deployed abroad.

On November 27, 1946, Edmund married Harriet Bloodsworth Thorpe at St. John the Evangelist’s Church in Landsdowne, PA. His brother Robert was the best man and his other brother George was an usher. The couple had a son, Edmund Anderson Thompson 3d, and a daughter, Kathy Thompson Wiley. Edmund, Harriet, and their children all played golf at a competitive level.

—Olivia Graziano

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