Title: Army Private; Marine Corps Private, Mexican War
Birthdate: November 22, 1800
Death Date: March 31, 1855
Plot Location: Naval Plot 2, Row 9, Grave 24

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This immigrant from Denmark changed his name from Morten Berg Fogh after he came to America in 1837. His joined his brother Hans and his new bride on the journey, leaving behind their parents and six siblings.

Martin listed his occupation as shoemaker and was living in Rochester, New York when he signed up that same year with the Army. He served with the 2nd Infantry but left when his term was up in December, 1840. He then enlisted with the Marines in 1841, and was on board the USS Pennsylvania and the USS Macedonian. During the Mexican War of 1846-48 he was one of 400 Marines deployed with General Winfield Scott’s army of 7200 men in a campaign to take Mexico City.

Private Fogg was wounded and lost his right arm at the battle of Chapultepec Castle, just outside Mexico City, on September 13, 1847. According to Marine Corps tradition, the red stripe on the trousers of the blue dress uniform is known as the blood stripe in commemoration of those who were killed at Chapultepec. Also, the first line of the Marine Corps hymn, “From the halls of Montezuma”  was supposed to be inspired by the battle.

After the war Martin was admitted to the Naval Asylum in Philadelphia and died of typhoid fever in 1855. He was originally buried at the cemetery there in Grays Ferry but was moved here in 1866.

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