Title: Army Private, Civil War; police officer
Birthdate: About 1835
Death Date: January 2, 1905
Plot Location: Section 102, Lot 123

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Marshall lived a life of service to both his country and his community, starting with his enlistment in the Army on September 15, 1862. He said he was 25 when he signed up as a private with the 82nd Pennsylvania Volunteer Infantry, serving there for the duration of the war.

During his tour of duty he participated in the Battle of Fredericksburg in late 1862 and in the Chancellorsville Campaign in May, 1863. The 82nd took part at Gettysburg in July of that year, bringing 320 men to the field with only six wounded. This monument was placed in their honor on Culp’s Hill where they were positioned.

The high point of the war for them was during the assault on Petersburg, on April 2, 1865, when they captured 400 prisoners and then fought through a muddy swamp on their way to Appomattox to witness the end of the war.

Marshall became a Police officer in 1867 and served more than 30 years. Also in 1867 he married Emily Nichols. and they had four children.

While still a rookie cop, Marshall was fired upon while he and fellow patrolman James Young tried to put down a disturbance. He went for help and discovered his partner was killed, later recalling in court what happened, as reported here.

(Officer Young left a wife and five young children. He was buried here, and his own Notable life story can be found here.)

Taking a stand was an important characteristic of Marshall’s personality. He took an active role in politics, serving as a delegate in local Republican party conventions in the late 1870s.

The 1900 census lists his occupation as “special officer.” He remained with the police in his senior years as a “watchman” (or guard) until his death in 1905 of prostate cancer. Marshall belonged to Post #5 of the fraternal Civil War veterans organization, the Grand Army of the Republic, whose medallion is displayed next to his stone.

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