Title: Wholesale Grocer
Birthdate: October 10, 1827
Death Date: March 22, 1915
Plot Location: Mausoleum Hill, Section 125, Lot E, Crypt 1

Jonathon Prichard plot at Mount Moriah Cemetery in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Jonathan Pritchard was born on October 10th, 1827 in Bleary Down, Northern Ireland to Sarah Eleanor Black and William Pritchard. On the family’s voyage to the United States in 1853, William died and was buried at sea, leaving Sarah to raise Jonathan as they made a life in Philadelphia. After a childhood in poverty he managed to start a successful business as a liquor dealer, and became a naturalized citizen on November 5th, 1860. One source said he was the first to establish a wholesale supply business in the city.

He married Jane Chapman on March 8th, 1866, and their first daughter, Ella Black, arrived on January 24th, 1867. Jonathan had their first home built at Park and Fitzwater Streets. In 1868 William Thomas Millis was born, followed four years later by their second daughter Sarah Elizabeth. Jonathan Gilbert was born in 1873 and Jane Chapman was born in 1876, but died a year later in 1877. Mary Lillian was born in the same year and they moved to 1826 Dickinson Street a year later.

By 1880, Jonathan had become a successful wholesale grocer. Their seventh child, Anna Louise, was born two years later but died in 1899, the first of the family to be buried here. With his financial success, the family moved for the last time to Swarthmore in Delaware County and Jonathan wished to apply his wealth to build a church for his son-in-law, Rev. William Heintz. The congregation showed their appreciation for his significant donation by naming it in his honor. Pritchard Memorial Lutheran Church was completed in 1908 at 6301 Elmwood Ave, although this newspaper obituary incorrectly implies it was built in Swarthmore. The family also donated an oil painting of Jonathan to hang in the church’s vestibule. The church is now called the International City Community Church.

Jonathan died on March 22, 1915 of edema of the lungs or pneumonia, and Jane followed two years later. Four children, William, Jonathan, Mary and Annie are all interred in the family mausoleum. He left Mary his property and also included a directive in his will that would give his grandsons money and an allowance if they became ministers.


The Pritchard Memorial Lutheran Church

Japanese maple tree in front of a monument at Mount Moriah Cemetery

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