Title: Soldier and Sailors
Birthdate: Unknown
Death Date: Unknown
Plot Location: Soldiers' Lot and Naval Plot

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The phrase “sanctity of human life” holds special meaning in cemeteries. Rooted in the idea that human life is inherently sacred or precious, each body that was laid to rest here represented a life that mattered to someone. Each one had a story. So this cemetery is a place of remembrance.

Three of those buried here gave their lives to safeguard our freedom, but their names are unknown. One is in Section 200, sometimes referred to as the Civil War Hospital Plot or simply the Soldiers’ Lot. This gravestone labeled “UNKNOWN” remembers one of the 404 soldiers buried here as a result of the Civil War.

Two others are among the 2400 buried in the Naval Plot on the Yeadon side. The bodies of these sailors were recovered after an American destroyer collided with a British ship in the North Atlantic during World War I. Their unidentifiable remains were buried May 1, 1918.

These three lives had notable stories that can’t be told, but they will never be forgotten as long as this cemetery is here to give them the honor they deserve.

Japanese maple tree in front of a monument at Mount Moriah Cemetery

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