Indian Campaigns | Medal of Honor Recipients

George W. Deary

Army Sergeant, Indian Campaigns Medal of Honor
Business | Sports

John Deasley

Baseball player, cigar maker, tobacco shop owner

Thomas H. “Pat” Deasley

Baseball Player
Civil War Vets | Killed in Action

Benjamin J. DeYoung

Army Private, Civil War, Killed in Action
Civil War Vets

Theodore DeYoung

Army Private, POW, Civil War; saloon keeper, fire chief
Civil War Vets | Politics & Law

Edward Jerome Dougherty

Army Sergeant, Civil War; police chief; assistant superintendent, Pinkerton National Detective Agency

George Dovey

President, Boston National League Baseball Club
Civil War Vets

John Ambrose Driscoll

Navy Fireman, 1st Class, Civil War
Killed in Action | World War II

John Daniel Duckworth

Army Air Corps Sergeant, World War II, Killed in Action
Israel Wilson Durham headstone israel-durham
Politics & Law | Sports

Israel Wilson Durham

Politician and Owner/President of the Phillies

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