Civil War Vets | Medal of Honor Recipients

Henry Shutes

Navy Captain of the Forecastle, Civil War Medal of Honor
World War I

Frank Albion Sanborn Siddall

Army Private, First Class, World War I
Civil War Vets

Charles Sigmund

Army Private, Civil War; piano tuner
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Thomas Silver

Civil War Vets

Joseph Hill Sinex

Army Lieutenant Colonel, Civil War

Samuel Sloan

Killed in Action | World War I

Charles Warburton Smith

Army Private, World War I, Killed in Action
Civil War Vets | Medal of Honor Recipients

John Smith

Navy 2nd Captain of the Top, Civil War; Medal of Honor
Killed in the Line of Duty

Sanford Spencer Smith

Police officer
World War I

Sarah Annabel Smith

Army Nurse Corps, World War I; registered nurse, nursing instructor

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