Joseph Henry Ruff's headstone at Mount Moriah Cemetery in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Civil War Vets

Joseph Henry Ruff

Army Private, Civil War, POW
Civil War Vets

Hugh Rutherford

Army Corporal, Civil War
Civil War Vets | Politics & Law

John Calvin Rutherford

Army Private, Civil War; police officer
Civil War Vets | Killed in the Line of Duty

John Francis Ryder

Navy Seaman, Civil War; firefighter
Portrait of William Bockius Schnider from the permanent collection of the Library and Museum of the Grand Lodge of Pennsylvania

William Bockius Schnider

Grand Tyler (Mason)
Black and white photo of the USS Georgia with text that reads "The Last Soldier of the Civil War"
Civil War Vets | Spanish American War | World War I

William Henry Scholls

Confederate Army Musician, Civil War, Navy Seaman, Spanish American War, Chief Master at Arms, World War I
World War I

Edwin John Schwarz

Army Wagoner, World War I; laborer
Civil War Vets | Politics & Law

Joseph Sergeant

Army Private, Civil War; police officer
Matthew Semple, Doctor and Professor

Matthew Semple, M.D.

Minister, Doctor, Professor

William Sergeant

Fire Station Foreman

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