Sports | World War II

William Reed Hapgood

Navy Reserve, Lieutenant Commander, World War II; scull boat racer, oil salesman
Civil War Vets | Killed in Action

George W. Hawkins

Army Lieutenant Colonel, Civil War
Civil War Vets | Medal of Honor Recipients

James Healey

Navy Captain of the Forecastle, Civil War Medal of Honor
Civil War Vets

John Alexander Hebrew

Army Captain, Civil War; bookkeeper, clerk

Robert Palmer Heller

World War II

Walter Fry Henrie, Jr.

Army Private, World War II
World War I

Walter Fry Henrie, Sr.

Army Sergeant, World War I; machinist and merchant
Featured | Other

Unknown Heroes

Soldier and Sailors

David B. Hershey

Locomotive Engineer
Herman Gustav Hillebrand in military uniform
Civil War Vets

Herman Gustav Hillebrand

Army Sergeant, Civil War

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