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“Mount Moriah, My Backyard Circa 1950’s.”

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I have spent today looking at the on-line videos of a once great and beautiful place. My wife found your web site and it sparked memories. I would like to commend the organization for their wonderful work.

Our family moved into a home on Chester Ave in October 1952. Mt. Moriah was our back yard. What a beautiful neighborhood. Sycamore trees lined Kingsessing Ave and Chester Ave all the way to 49th. I was familiar with the family that lived at the cemetery estate, which was beautiful. I would fill bottles of fresh water from the well in the back of the house. The caretaker gave me reasons why I should not drink the water. I still drank it for years. I cannot remember the last name of the family who lived there but I think the father’s first name was Sam.

That was back in the 50’s. I was allowed to take care of Betsy Ross’s grave site and run up the 13 star flag at a pole located there. I have certificate from the Betsy Ross House Association (1899) showing a drawing of her grave site at Mt. Moriah. I remember Veteran’s Day memorial dedications and an announcer stand was erected for that purpose. The crowds were tremendous. What a sight when the large snow storms of the 50’s blanketed the cemetery or an impending thunderstorm darkened the large standing statues.

I have many memories of walking and looking at the history of a great cemetery that was never really public knowledge of the time. I would like to purchase a shirt and perhaps attend one of your gatherings. Now that I am 70 the years have marched on. It is really great to find your organization and my only regret is that I do not posses the political clout to help you unravel the legal problems at hand so you can march on in the restoration.