Friends of Mount Moriah Cemetery, P.O. Box 5321, Philadelphia, PA 19142

Fox29 video: “Dozens Of Volunteers Work To Restore Historic Philly Cemetery”

View the video from February 26, 2013 and see the difference that has been made in the past six months! (Current photos can be seen on our Facebook Group page.) The Board of the Friends of Mount Moriah Cemetery, Inc., would like to thank everyone for the intense volunteer effort that has been put forth to keep the grass and weeds cut during this hot, rainy summer! Please check the “Events” page for upcoming cleanup and restoration events (ALL are welcome on these days!). If you are not able to attend, please consider a monetary donation (or purchase an attractive fund-raising t-shirt!) on our “How to Help” page (you can donate online or by check). Money goes toward the purchase and repairs of grass and weed-cutting equipment as well as the fuel to run them!