Thomas Kittera (1789-1839) – Lawyer, Politician, and Freemason of Philadelphia


Born: March 21, 1789 Died: June 16, 1839 Plot: Section 41, Lot 44 Thomas Kittera was born in Lancaster, PA. His father was John Wilkes Kittera and his mother was Ann Moore. He graduated from the University of Pennsylvania in 1805, studied law, was admitted …Read More

Richard Risley Carlisle (1814-1874) – Circus Performer


Born: 1814 Died: May 1874 Plot: Section 11, Lot 14 Richard Risley Carlisle, athlete, gymnast, postmaster and bounty hunter amongst other things was born in the Bass River area of New Jersey. At an early age he became a gymnast in a traveling circus …Read More

Robert S. Menamin (1833-1887 ) – Publisher


Born: December 2, 1833 Died: April 19, 1887 Plot: Section 42, Lot 61 Robert S. Menamin was born in County Tyrone, Ireland and immigrated to America with his parents when he was 3 years old. His family first settled in Washington D.C. where one …Read More

William Bockius Schnider – (1817-1867) Grand Tyler (Mason)

W. B. Schnider

Born: March 28, 1817 Died: December 19, 1867 Plot: Circle of Saint John Grand Tyler of the Grand Lodge of Pennsylvania, William Bockius Schnider was born in Philadelphia Pa. and was a bricklayer by trade. According to Dr. Glenys Waldman, Librarian, The Masonic Library …Read More

George Dovey – (1862-1909) President of the Boston National League


Born: April 18, 1862 Died: June 19, 1909 Plot: Section 1, Lot 7 George was one of at least three sons born to John and Catherine (Cresswell) Dovey. At an early age, George moved to Central City in Muhlenberg County Kentucky with his family. His father …Read More

Cecilia, Ruth, Abeona, and Hannah Gale – Ballerinas

Harper's Weekly, 1861

Plot: Section 36, Lot 77 On the evening of September 14, 1861, an audience of more than 1,500 filled The National Theatre on Walnut Street to see a performance of “The Tempest” produced by William Wheatley. Wheatley, a Philadelphia actor and manager, had leased …Read More

Rev. William H. Burrell (1822-1909) – The “Marrying Preacher”


Born: about 1822 Died: October 14, 1909 Plot: Section 131, Lot 84 William H. Burrell was born about 1822. Census records indicate that he was born in New Jersey and resided in various locations in Pennsylvania before finally settling in Camden, NJ. He joined …Read More

William Cusick/Micky Duffy (1888-1931) – Gangster


Born: about 1888 (some sources say September 8, 1888) Died: August 30, 1931 Plot: Section C, Lot 5 “Mickey Duffy” was born in the Gray’s Ferry area of Philadelphia to Polish immigrant parents. His given name was either Michael Joseph Cusick or William Michael …Read More

Augustus Buell (1847-1904) – Fraudulent Author


Born: September 4, 1847 Died: May 23, 1904 Plot: Section 60, Lot 16 Augustus Caesar Buell was born to Simon and Julia Buell, residents of King’s Settlement, near Norwich, New York in 1847. Beyond this piece of personal information, the facts of Buell’s life …Read More

Samuel Sloan – Architect


Born: March 7, 1815 Died: July 19, 1884 Plot: Section 11, Lot 20 (Moved here from Raleigh, NC and buried February 4, 1885) Samuel Sloan was one of four children born to William and Mary Kirkwood Sloan in Chester County, Pennsylvania. At a young …Read More