Herman Gustav Hillebrand (1843-1917)


Nov. 26, 1843 – Born: Dellaihausen, Kingdom of Hannover (profession: shoemaker) Dec. 14, 1861 – Mustered – Enlisted for 3 years (age 18) Private, Union Co. A, 12th Regiment, PA Calvery in either Del. City, Del. or Phila., PA Feb 1, 1862 – Transferred …Read More

Brevet Major George R. Maguire (1838-1879) – Cavalryman and Citizen From Philadelphia


Born: June 5, 1838 Died: January 8, 1879 Plot: Section 123, Elks Rest George R. Maguire was born in Philadelphia. Not much is known about his early childhood except that he attended Girard College in Philadelphia. At that time Girard College was a free school …Read More

Brevet Brig. General Edwin R. Biles (1828-1883) – Field Officer from Philadelphia


Born: April, 1828 Died: April 20, 1883 Plot: Section 30, Lot 51 Edwin Ruthwin Biles was born in Philadelphia to Joseph T. and Rebecca C. Biles. His father was a carpenter. His early adult years were somewhat undistinguished as compared to others involved in …Read More

Col. Charles Frederick Ruff – Brevet Brig. General


Born: October 10, 1818 Died: October 1, 1885 Plot: Section 105, Lot 37 Charles Frederick Ruff was born in Philadelphia, and at the age of 16 entered the U. S. Military Academy at West Point. He graduated in 1938 in a class of 44 and …Read More

Col. William “Buck” McCandless – Soldier and Citizen From Philadelphia


Born: September 29, 1834 Died: June 17, 1884 Plot: Section 107, Lot 88 William “Buck” McCandless was born in Ireland, and was raised by his uncle, John McCandless after his parents died when he was a young boy. They immigrated to Philadelphia when he …Read More

Col. John Kidd Murphy (1796-1876) – Soldier and Citizen From Philadelphia


Born: March 22, 1796 Died: February 10, 1876 Plot: Section 128, Plot 3 John Kidd Murphy was born in Philadelphia, and holds the distinction of serving his country in both the War of 1812 and the Civil War. He joined the War of 1812 at …Read More

The Last Soldier of the Civil War – Chief Master-At-Arms William Henry Scholls

The Last Soldier of the Civil War

Chief Master-At-Arms William Henry Scholls USS Georgia (BB-15) In 1932, in the midst of the Depression, Mrs. Emma Kruger Scholls, the widow of Naval Home beneficiary William Henry Scholls, applied for a Confederate widow’s pension from the State of Florida. All she knew was …Read More

The Lost Soldier of the Civil War – Private William Jasper Christian

Private William Jasper Christian Company B, 5th (West) Virginia Infantry, U.S. Volunteers (Union) William Jasper Christian was born about 1830 at Ceredo, Wayne County, Virginia (now West Virginia). On March 25, 1854, he married Mary Ann Hatton (1837-1918). They had four children. According to …Read More

African American Sailors

Naval Asylum 1-5-13

In honor of Black History Month, we’d like to recognize these African American sailors buried at Mount Moriah Cemetery. Finding biographical information on these sailors has proved tough. If you’re a descendent of one of these men or have biographical information available, please fill …Read More

Corp. Thomas J Crozier (1833-1913)

Corp Thomas J Crozier

Born: June 1, 1833 Died: April 14, 1913 Plot: Section 1, Lot 79 Thomas J Crozier was born June 1, 1833 of Irish immigrant parents and grew up in Philadelphia. He enlisted in the US Army on Dec 28, 1861. He was promoted to …Read More